SLS056 Solar Street Lamp

Solar Power Light

Use of solar green energy, environment friendly, saving more.

LIPU SLS056 Solar Street Light

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Using Instructions:

1.Solar light lamp, need solar power to charge battery, please select appropriate mode based on local sunshine conditions.

2.Please avoid solar panel be block by building, trees or other obstructions, otherwise it will reduce efficiency of solar panels working, 

resulting in lower efficiency of system.
3.Charging temperature of Lithium battery is 0 to 55℃, the discharging temperature is -20 to 60℃, make sure that ambient temperature 

is in this range when used, avoid damage to lithium battery.
4.Please cleaning surface of solar panels regular, such as dirt, leaves, oil, etc., ensure high photoelectric conversion efficiency.
5.Cleaning snow of solar panel surface timely in winter.

Light   Sourse(W) 100W      
Solar Panel6V   20W
Battery3V   20AH
Chips QTYSMD5730  208pcs
Lamp Size495X210mm
Solar Panel Size350X450X17mm
System Eficiency110-150LMW
Color Temp.3000K/4000K/5000K
Power Factor0.95
Housing MaterialsAluminium   Alloy
Pipe Diamete∅60mm
Arm pick500mm
Mounting Height3m   Height  distance 6-8m between 2 lights
Working Temp.-40℃~+50℃
Charge Time8-10Hrs   by strong sunshine Discharge(Lighting) Time:24-36Hrs,can working2-3   Rainy/Cloudy days continuous after full charged
IP gradeIP65
Wind resistance130KM/hour



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