LP11-GW-3 is a kind of Internet of Things wireless communication gateway, which uses the public network wireless network + small wireless network to provide users with the function of eliminating the need of field wiring and wireless long-distance data transmission.

LP11-GW-3 Gateway for smart light system

The product uses high-performance industrial 32-bit processor and industrial-grade wireless communication module, while providing a serial port (RS232 / RS485), four Ethernet LAN ports, an Ethernet WAN port, and supports WIFI AP / Repeater / STA, so it can be connected to serial devices, Ethernet devices and WIFI devices at the same time, which provides a perfect platform for IoT applications. It can be widely used in industries such as self-service terminal industry, smart grid, intelligent transportation, Automation, intelligent building, fire protection, environmental protection, smart medical treatment, smart lighting, smart agriculture and coal mines, oil and other occasions.

Function and features

Stable full Netcom speed experience, fully compatible with telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom's 2G, 3G, 4G network

Cable network backup with each other to ensure the normal and stable data transmission

Support WIFI, 4G, Ethernet port access to the Internet, multi-network at the same time online.

Powerful WIFI function, support AP, STA, Repeater multiple modes

●Interface rich, to meet the different needs of customers and applications, 4-way WAN port, 232 serial port, 485 serial port, USB and 4 AD / IO interface.

● A variety of wireless extensions, optional ZIGBEE, LORA, Bluetooth

● Multi-network intelligent switching backup, data off network storage resume

● Protocol rich, support for transparent transmission, MODBUS RTU switch TCP, MQTT.

● Support for polling MODBUS devices proactively, helping customers save on cumbersome SCADA Modbus commands

● Using industrial-grade high-speed 4G wireless communication module, configured 32-bit high-end processor, front-end acquisition of information transmission more real-time and higher speed.

● Downstream reservation optional a variety of wireless communications, ZIGBEE, lora, Bluetooth, etc., more flexible use

● Industrial Design, Metal Case, Stable 7X24 Hours Uninterrupted Work Under Various Industrial Environments & Strong Interference.






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