LP-106 LP-116 LP-126 Photocell

Time-delay of up to 30-60s, eliminate turning-off by headlights at light.

Die-cast enclosure for vandalism protection.

Waterproof, applicable for outdoor and underwater purpose.

LIPU LP-106 LP-116 LP-126 Swivel Control

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  • Light shielding slide for field performance adjustment.

  • Optional swivel with the sensor/switch body for convenient direction 

  • adjustment after installation.

  • On-off Levels:10~20Lx  On(Dusk); 30~60Lx Off(Dawn)

  • Ambient Temp.:-40℃~+70℃

  • Related Humidity:96%

  • Power consumption:1.5VA Max.

  • Leads length:180mm or Customer request(AWG#18)

  • Electrical Life:6500 cycles

Model No.LP-106A/LP-116ALP-106B/LP-116BLP-126ALP-126B
Rated Voltage120VAC200-240VAC120VAC200-240VAC
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
Rated Loading2000W   TUNGSTEN3000W   TUNGSTEN

Power consumption1.5VA
Ambient Temperature10~20Lx Turmn-On

30-60Lx Tum-Off
Operate Level-40℃ ~ +70℃
Related Humidity99%RH
Body Meas.50(wide) X 37(depth) X 91(height)mm; 180°
Swivel Meas.85(4) x 36(Dia. Max.)mm; 200°
Leads Length150mm or Customer request 
Weight Approx.60g(LP-106) 130g(LP-116) 150g(LP-126)

Installation & Operational Instructions 

Disconnect power, place screw thread of the  SWITCH in knockout hole and fasten with rubber  gasket and Zinc alloy lock-nut. Wire according to the diagram in right hand. LP-106 AN.jpg

Slide the mounted adjusting metal strip to have  preferred On/Off levels, if necessary. 

Do not install the switch with the Photocell  facing artificial or reflected light. This will cause  the unit to cycle on and off at night.

LP-106 AN.jpg

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