LP-103S photocell

Applicable to control passage lighting and doorway lighting

automatically in accordance with the ambient lighting level.

Raintight , applicable for outdoor purpose

LIPU LP-103S Button Control

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LP-103S-- SIZE_副本.png

Model No.LP-103S
Rated Voltage120V/240V/208-277VAC
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
Time Delay30-180 Sec.
Power consumption≤0.7 watts at 120VAC
Operate Level10~16Lx Turmn-On

60-80Lx Tum-Off
Ambient Temperature-40℃ ~ +70℃
Related Humidity96%RH
On/Off Ratio1:5
Switch> 5000 ON/OFF Operations at Rated Load
Fail ModeON
Light SensorCadmium Sulfide (Cds) Cell
HousingCadmium Sulfide (Cds) Cell Polycarbonate (PC)
CableUL1015 18AWG*16cm

Installation & Operational Instructions 

Disconnect power, remove junction box cover,  place the SWITCH in knockout hole and fasten  with locknut. Wire according to the diagram below. 

Do not install the switch with the Photocell  facing artificial or reflected light.  This will cause the unit to cycle on and off at night.

LP-101 安装图.png

LP-101 安装图.png

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