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Lipu Electric Lighting specializes in the production, sale and wholesale of high bay lights, such as LED high bay lights and hid high bay lights. There are many kinds and styles, and they will always select suitable ones. Large brand manufacturers are trustworthy.

HKTDC Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo
Shanghai Lipu Electric Lighting Co ,Ltd HKTDC Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo Booth No: 8-H22 Date:26-29 October 2017 (Thursday-Sunday) Add:AsiaWorld-Expo

Lipu Lighting 122th China Import and Export Fair
Shanghai Lipu Electric Lighting Co ,Ltd 122th China Import and Export Fair Booth No:13 2 G42 12 2 K08 Date:Phase 1:October 15-19,2017 9:30-18:00 Add:Guangzhou Internationgal Convention and Exhibition Centre,Guangzhou,China

Green lighting
Recently, the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission issued the "first half of 2017 to promote investment shortcomings work and the second half of the work focus"

OLED lighting
In 1947, Hong Kong-born Chinese professor Deng Qingyun found in the laboratory organic light-emitting diode, which is OLED, which started the study of OLED

Advantages of Solar Street light
1 Wide EnergySolar street lights use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity Solar energy, as a new gre

Why is the solar street light market so hot?
The invention of solar street lighthas brought great convenience to human life 1 For the better construction of

Solar Street light Innovating Rural Lighting Pattern
Nowadays, solar street lightis very popular, especially in rural and township areas, the popularization rate of so

What are the characteristics of solar street lights?
1 Energy-saving: A solar photoelectric conversion to provide electricity, inexhaustible 2 Environmental protection:

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